At Princeton University

Spring 2019

Instructor, Varieties of Meaning [Course Website]

Fall 2018

Instructor, Intonation [Course Website]

At Stanford University

Summer 2018

Program coordinator, CSLI (Center for the Study of Language and Information) Summer Internship [Director: Christopher Potts]

Winter 2017

TA, Introduction to Semantics & Pragmatics [Instructor: Cleo Condoravdi]

Fall 2017

Grader, Introduction to Psycholinguistics [Instructor: Judith Degen]

Fall 2016

TA, Language Acquisition [Instructor: Eve Clark]

AY 2014 - 2015

Lab TA, Linguistics Lab [Instructor: Meghan Sumner]

At Seoul National University

Spring 2012

TA, Introduction to Morphology [Instructor: Jongho Jun]

Fall 2011

TA, Introduction to Phonology [Instructor: Jongho Jun]

Spring 2011

TA, Introduction to Linguistics [Instructor: Jongho Jun]