Papers & Manuscripts

Jeong, Sunwoo. To appear. Preposed negation questions with strong NPIs. Proceedings of NELS 49. [Draft]

Jeong, Sunwoo. To appear. Markedness-sensitive affix for the causative alternation: The case of Korean. Proceedings of The 25th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference. [Preprint]

Jeong, Sunwoo. Manuscript under revision. Deriving politeness from an extended Lewisian model: The case of rising declaratives. [Draft available upon request]

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Hilton, Katherine, and Sunwoo Jeong. Accepted with revisions. The role of context in sociolinguistic perception. Linguistics Vanguard. [Draft available upon request]

Jeong, Sunwoo. 2017a. Iconization of sociolinguistic variables: The case of archetypal female characters in classic Hollywood cinema. In Angelika Zirker, Matthias Bauer, Olga Fischer, and Christina Ljungberg (eds.) Dimensions of Iconicity. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. pp. 263–286. [Bibtex] [Preprint]

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Jeong, Sunwoo. 2016. Conventions in prosody for affective meanings: Non-canonical terminal contours in English polar interrogatives. Proceedings of Speech Prosody, 907–911. [Bibtex] [Paper]

Jeong, Sunwoo. 2012. Directional asymmetry in nasalization: A perceptual account. Studies in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology. 18.3: 437–469. [Bibtex] [Paper]

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